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welcome plant friends

Hello plant world, fellow plant friends and plant enthusiasts!


Definitely excited to start this adventure with the House Plant Collective to build a community around a love for plants and (of course) share some tips and tricks that have worked for me!


First, I wanted to talk a little bit about myself and how I came to this space.





I am not a plant expert nor will you ever see me claiming to be! I have undoubtedly killed a few (more like quite a few) plants of my own. And to be fully transparent, I probably still have a high chance of killing a few more in my lifetime.

Nobody is perfect- neither is planting. While there are tons of tips and tricks out there, each environment varies and all of these factors play into the life of your plants.


With The Plant Collective, I hope to not only show you that you can do it but also that plants can be easy! I know- bizarre right?!


Plants are not only possible but can bring a lot of life and happiness into your home if chosen and nurtured appropriately.


I won’t lie to you and say that I grew up knowing I was going to be a plant lover- I was surrounded by them, YES! But I also saw them more as a chore. My mother absolutely loved plants growing up and had them scattered around our house from generations old plants and found absolutely joy in her outside gardening. I mean- she.was.dedicated.


However, my memories growing up were a tad distorted– Instead of the love and joy found from plants that I experience now, I found myself dreading the early Saturday morning garden cleanups as I would rather be sleeping AND avoiding the water chore list that my mom would assign to keep those plant friends alive! I mean come on- that was valuable time away from my friends, which is obviously most important for a millennial teenager!



AND Fast Forward to NOW-


Who would have thought that I would shift that mindset into an absolute obsession with indoor houseplants and now grace my mother with a watering chore list when my husband and I go out of town?!


But my obsession didn’t start with a house full of thriving plants. I have been through many years and growing pains of indoor plant parenthood. And yes, that does mean some plants were lost in the making. Whether through over-watering or under-nourishment, I seemed to painfully make my way through plant parenthood.


But NOW, my (brown thumb?) is definitely turning into a slightly greener thumb! My collection of one or two plants on their last limb (literally and figuratively) has now grown to a thriving plant home sanctuary of 60+ plants (and growing)!


Because let’s be honest, even though my husband said he would allow “just one more plant” in his marriage vows, we are already way past that!



So in short- I can’t wait to bring you along for this adventure as we dive into plant life and the joys it brings by sharing with you the easiest tips and tricks to help you build your own plant sanctuary!

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