Jessica, Owner

Jessica started HPC in 2020 as a home-based passion project. She had the dream and planned in 2019, and just before launching the business Covid hit. After starting by selling online HPC shifted into pop-up events in a converted school bus. By the end of 2020, Jessica expanded into a brick and mortar store in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham.

Jessica lives in Birmingham with her husband and pet cat and dog. When not working, she spends time riding her moped around the city, spending time outdoors, attending live concerts, and visiting local breweries.

Mallory, Shop Associate (Birmingham)

Mallory is from the small town of Sylacauga, but currently resides in the Southside area of Birmingham. She recently completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Montevallo with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Public Relations.

She started collecting plants during her first year of college in 2016 and now owns up to 100! Her passion for plants stemmed from her childhood, for her dad is a retired forester and her mom a major gardener/house plant collector.

Abigail, Shop Associate (Birmingham)

Abigail grew up in Albertville, AL and currently pursuing a degree in Social Work and Human Rights. In her free time, you can find her reading, painting, hiking, knitting, and caring for her plants!

She started getting into plants because of how much joy they gave her. Each plant has it’s own personality, as well as it’s own strengths and weaknesses. They are all so uniquely themselves and beautiful in their own way, just like people! Plants remind her that life gives us beautiful things, we just have to take the time to appreciate them.

Madison, Shop Associate + Bus (Birmingham)

Madison is from Huntsville and moved to the Birmingham area to receive her Bachelors in Musical Theatre and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Montevallo. She discovered her passion for plants about a year ago and is currently working to grow her own collection!

When she isn’t working, she enjoys being with her cats Biscuit and Gravy, working on local Birmingham productions and children’s theatre. 

Carly, Shop Associate (Tuscaloosa)

Carly is a Tuscaloosa local and recently earned her master’s degree in geography from the University of Alabama. Her houseplant collection took off while living in Boston – mostly as a way to brighten up the long winters! Every room of Carly’s home is now filled with plants from all over the world. Her favorite part of the house plant hobby is sharing cuttings and care tips with friends and other plant lovers.

Carly has eight pet frogs the live in bioactive terrariums and two sweet dogs that live on the couch. She also loves gardening, reading, cooking, and making cocktails in her free time!

Ethan, Shop Associate (Tuscaloosa)

Ethan is a Tuscaloosa native currently pursuing degrees in Finance and Economics at the University of Alabama. When he is not working at HPC, you can most likely find him at one of the many local coffee shops in Tuscaloosa, lifting at the gym, or tending to his own collection of houseplants!

His plant journey started in the garden, growing tomatoes and squash with his grandmother, but has transformed into a never-ending obsession that has turned his room into a jungle!