Botanical Name: Tillandsia


Common Name: Air plants


Mature Size: Relatively small in size, air plants can range from 2in to approximately 1ft in height.


Sun Exposure: Bright light, but not direct sunlight. A south, east or west window is perfect. They can also be grown under fluorescent tubes.


Soil Type: None! Glue air plants to cork, coral, stone, or driftwood. 


Water: Unlike other plants, air plants can survive with misting, 2-4 times a week, and an occasional soaking bath.


Temperature: Air plants thrive in warmer indoor temperatures- approximately 70F to 85F. 


Potting/Repotting: No worries here! No pots to bother with.


Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer specific for air plants or bromeliads, approximately 3 times a year. If not available, you can dilute a standard houseplant fertilizer at 1/4 of the recommended strength.


Propagation: Reproduce by gently dividing the offsets, or pups, from the base of the mother plant.  


Toxicity: Not toxic! 


Fact: Air plants are “epiphytes”, which means that they prefer to be mounted to things, including shells, rocks, slate, driftwood.