Aloe plant

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller


Common Name: Aloe vera


Mature Size: May grow to approximately 2ft to 3ft in height. You may notice- potted aloes tend to be smaller than aloes in nature. 


Sun Exposure: Bright in-direct light. Even sun-loving succulents, such as aloe, can get sunburnt. 


Soil Type: As a succulent, aloe thrive in dry environments. Plant in well-draining soil, either cactus potting mix or regular potting mix with added perlite and sand.


Water: Completely dry out between waterings- completely soak when watering, but water infrequently, approximately every 3 weeks or so. 


Temperature: Can manage average room temperatures. Avoid a freeze!


Potting/Repotting: Aloe prefer a pot that is wider than it is tall due to its shallow root system. When repotting, choose a pot that is 1in wider. 


Fertilizer: May not need much fertilizing, but you can feed once a year in the spring with a 1/2 diluted fertilizer. 


Propagation: Unlike many succulents, aloe are difficult to propagate due to the the moisture (aloe gel) content. If you can find a healthy pup, you can separate from the mother plant by clipping. 


Toxicity: Generally mild toxicity.


Fact: Aloe gel has many uses- so many so that Native Americans referred to the plant’s magical remedies as “The Wand of Heaven”.