Botanical Name: Cactaceae


Common Name: Cactus


Mature Size: Depending on the type, indoor cacti can vary from less than a foot tall to 10-15 feet tall.


Sun Exposure: Light is essential, but too much sun can torch the cacti. Place in bright, indirect light spots inside.


Soil Type: Prefer dry and fast draining environment. Use cactus potting soil or regular potting soil mixed with perlite and rocks.


Water: Cacti store water so limit watering to once a week or less as they prefer dry environments. Make sure there is ample drainage so the plant does not sit in water. 


Temperature: As long as they are dry, cacti can handle temperatures from 45°F to 85°F.


Potting/Repotting: Repot once the roots begin to show through the drainage holes of your pot or once the cactus reaches the edge of the pot. Play it safe- use tongs and gloves to repot with prickly cacti! 


Fertilizer: Feed during the spring/summer with fertilizer that is diluted to 1/2 strength. 


Propagation: Take a cutting from a cactus. Allow to fully propagate before planting. 


Toxicity: May not be poisonous, but watch out for those prickly spikes!


Fact: With over 2000 species of cacti, there are a few that you can actually eat, such as the prickly pear or Indian fig.