Botanical Name: Dracaena


Common Name: Dracena, corn plant, dragon tree


Mature Size:  Vary in size based on species, mature size is around 2-3 feet


Sun Exposure: Keep out of direct sunlight as it can torch the leaves. Place in a bright indirect sun location to semi-shade spot.


Soil Type: Pot in standard house plant potting mix. Dracenas can thrive by adding peat moss to the mixture. 


Water: Drought tolerant- so don’t overwater. Dracenas typically require less than other indoor plants. Keep in a well-draining pot and allow the top soil to dry before watering again.


Temperature: Lower temps can damage the foliage, but as long as you keep between 65 – 90℉ it should be good. 


Potting/Repotting: When roots begin circling the pot or begin to show stress by wilting, repot into a pot the next size larger. Dracenas can tolerate being slightly pot-bound. 


Fertilizer: Feed with indoor plant fertilizer once a week during the growing season and reduce in the winter months.


Propagation: Dracenas propagate fairly easily! Take stem cutting and place in water or prune off the top of the plant and allow the new growth to appear. 


Toxicity: Slightly toxic- plant out of reach to children and pets. 


Fact:  With over 120 species, there are many varieties of Dracenas, but their tree-like structure allows them to reach heights over 10 feet tall.