Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa


Common Name: Monstera, Swiss cheese plant, split leaf philodendron


Mature Size: Can reach up to 8 feet tall indoors, if provided the right support


Sun Exposure: Medium to bright, indirect light. Can adapt to a shadier location as well. 


Soil Type: Monsteras prefer a well-draining soil. Recommend using a standard potting mix with extra peat moss and perlite, to help with draining.


Water: Once the soil is dry to the touch at the top of the plant, water at the top and completely soak until excess water is draining out. 


Temperature: Grows best in standard house temperatures, but thrives with extra humidity. 


Potting/Repotting: About once a year, repot your monstera with a slightly larger pot until the desired size is reached. Then, replace that process with topping off the soil with fresh potting mix each year. 


Fertilizer: In growing season, fertilize every other watering with a balanced houseplant fertilizer. Feedings can be reduced to once a month in winter months. 


Propagation: Find a stem with at least two leaves, an aerial root, and node. Cut and allow to harden over before placing in water. 


Toxicity: Moderately toxic- keep out of reach of animals and children!


Fact: With over 50 species, monsteras grow in the wild up to 65 feet in height!