Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum


Common Name: Peace lily, white sails, spathe flower


Mature Size: Grows up to 3 feet tall indoors


Sun Exposure: Moderate, indirect light. Peace lilies can also be shade-loving! Avoid the intensity of direct sunlight. 


Soil Type: Peace lilies can do well with basic house plant potting mix. 


Water: One of the great things about this plant- it lets you know when it needs water when its leaves slightly sag. Typically, you can water and mist the plant frequently in the spring/summer and reduce in the winter months. 


Temperature: Similar to many other houseplants, peace lilies do well in basic home temperatures, but avoid severe drafts or changes. 


Potting/Repotting: Peace lilies prefer to be a little root bound, but you should repot once you notice roots poking through the drainage holes. Repot in a slightly larger pot with fresh potting soil. 


Fertilizer: These plants are not picky- use any type of standard indoor plant fertilizer. Feed weekly in the spring/summer and refrain from feedings in the winter months.


Propagation: The easiest way to propagate is by division, which can be easily done when repotting by separating sections from the mother plant. 


Toxicity: Poisonous to humans and pets!


Fact: Typically seen as a funeral plant, peace lilies have really sparked popularity in the indoor houseplant market. With beautiful flowers, you will typically get blooms twice a year!