Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura


Common Name: Maranta, prayer plant


Mature Size: Grows up to 3 feet tall 


Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect sunlight, but prayer plants can tolerate lower light areas. 


Soil Type: Pot in a standard well-draining houseplant potting soil. Add perlite or sand to the mix or rocks at the bottom to promote better drainage.


Water: Maintain moisture and do not allow to completely dry out. 


Temperature: Maintain standard room temperatures with a little added humidity. 


Potting/Repotting: Repot in the spring/summer when the plant becomes root bound. Pot in a new pot that is only a few inches larger. 


Fertilizer: Feed with a fertilizer diluted to half its strength every other watering in growing months and reduce in winter. 


Propagation: Take a stem cutting that includes a node, dip in rooting hormone and then allow to root in water. Once the root system has developed, you can pot in soil. 


Toxicity: Non-toxic!


Fact: Notice brown blotches on the leaves? May be giving your prayer plant too much sun. Also, watch this plant “dance” throughout the day with changes in light and water.